Jigsaw Charts & NT8/MT5

We announced the charting beta last week and got lots of replies about our support for NinjaTrader 8 and MT5. Our initial thoughts on this were that when you bridge to another charting platform, you wouldn't need that bridge to pass data for our charting as you already have charts.  This brought up many questions and I'll try to answer them here:

  • We won't take anything away from you. It was pointed out that our plan would mean Bridge users no longer have access to Vista. We will of course leave Vista there for NT8/MT5 users if we don't end up supporting charts from the bridge.
  • Our plans may change, nothing is set in stone. So we will base our decisions on the ongoing feedback.
  • We are not blocking access to any brokerage. It is true that Ninja brokerage charge a 10c fee for the privilege of not using their platform (which the bridge avoids). We see this more as an anti-competition tactic their side, a way to discourage their customers from using Jigsaw.  We can't take the blame for that & we can't structure our product offerings around the whim of brokers trying to squeeze us out of the market.
  • A number of people mentioned that they want both platforms so they can enter orders on the other to avoid our live trading fee. I get that - but also, we have a very low one-time price and zero support fees. I would be interested in feedback from users on the idea of a one-time fee for charting for NT8/MT5. We would have to pay for the development and this seems the fairest way to do it for those looking to avoid our monthly fees and still benefit from our ongoing investment. 

I hope this explains more clearly on where we are now. Keep the feedback coming in and we'll be able to better make plans to keep you all happy.

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