Jigsaw Charting Beta

Next week, we plan to release the first beta of the Jigsaw Charting Module. It's built into the existing application and for existing users, there's no additional charge to use these charts. We are doing this as many of our users have a second charting application open alongside our tools and that incurs data fees.

This will be a phased beta. We will release functionality in phases, so that we aren't jumping around too much resolving issues.  In other words, we'll get one area right before moving to another. 

Charts will be supported for all connections except NinjaTrader8 and MT5 right now. I am not sure if we will provide charts for these versions.

Phase 1 - This will be focused on the installation process and basic time based charts. All Indicators will be included - Market Profile, Volume Profiles, Cumulative Delta., FootPrints, Swing Charts etc. All feeds supported.

What we want from this is to have people running charts with different configurations, using the caching system (our market data store), using charts on workspaces, using drawing tools and closing/opening the app to ensure things come back in the same place and of course all the time an eye on performance. 

Phase 2 - Additional periodicities & throttling (performance improvements)  - adding tick charts, range charts and any additional time based  periodicities etc. Adding any new indicators required.

Phase 3  - Vista Replacement - bringing in heatmap, circles, and other Vista elements to the charts. Chart docking with D&S. Chart to chart docking. Chart synchronization. At this point, the existing vista will be retired.

The Beta will be available to all Jigsaw Users - we will be issuing more details next week.

This is a rough outline of the plan but these plans usually only survive the first week. At that point we expect lots of requests from you right from day 1. If our users push us in a specific direction, then we may move things around or insert additional items. 

We will let you know how to get access to the tools over the next week. In the meantime, feel free to get back to us with your comments.



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