Join The "Jigsaw Advisory Panel" - Shaping Jigsaw Together

As Jigsaw continues to grow, we feel it's time to get more engaged with the user base as we roll out new products and want to validate "off the wall ideas". In our view - the best way to get the product roadmap right and shape the future - is to blend our plans with the feedback and requests of a working group that is both friendly and outside of our own control. 

Most of our energy this year has been focused on the new development center. Historically, we've been using a "work from home" model - but it's just not optimal for software development teams. We decided to bite the bullet, found someone to run the new team and they are now on their first major development project which should be done mid-August with a release in September.

I can't tell you what's in that release or what accompanies it. I can say it's geared towards shorter-term trading and the original intent was to replace one of the courses we recently 'lost' (yes, just like losing your car keys).

In addition, we've almost completed re-creating the Independent Training Course that comes with the tool. We started on it earlier this year and decided to use an Education Specialist to help create this. Again - nobody has seen it yet.

The "Inner Circle" is going to be a group of around 50 Jigsaw users. There is no entry price. There's benefits to both groups:

Jigsaw - We get to try stuff out on a limited audience and get feedback so that we can perfect it. This may be a course, it may be software, it could even be adverts. Nobody is expected to provide feedback on everything.

Users - You get to get your hands on things you might not have paid for normally. To try things out and to have a voice in what we do next. There's also the possibility of job offers down the line as we do prefer to recruit from within our user base if possible. 

This is not something that everyone would want to do, but for those of you who'd like to be involved - just drop us a line. We'll try and accommodate as many as possible - but we don't really want more than 50 people involved. 

If this is of interest - then email us and tell us why you are interested. Note that there is no "right answer" to this - so put your game theory down for a second and don't try to tell us what we want to hear. To do this right, it's better if we have people with different perspectives. 

For the purpose of transparency - we do know that there is likely to be 1 or 2 that apply in order to get stuff ahead of time and share it publicly. To avoid this, we will go through the list and for this round, if we can get 50 customers I've interacted with personally a few times - they will be the priority. That doesn't mean we won't let you in - but we have to be a bit careful with the things we'll share. Don't want to see them in another platform before we finished them!

We will reply to all applicants personally - just gives us a week to do so.

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