January Group Therapy Recording - Confidence & Confirmation in Trading

Many traders struggle with indecision immediately after entering a trade. Getting shaken out of good trades and staying in bad trades. They know their setup well but once they are in, there's few rules for staying in. We'll be discussed this in our January Group Therapy Session on 29th Jan.

In this session,  we discussed the concept of 'confirmation' - or the point at which you are now confident a move is 'true' or that your position will be profitable. If you enter a position and feel happy/sad with each tick/up down in the early part of the trade - you are going to be very easily shaken out.

So how do you get the confidence to assess the difference between "nothings happened yet", "This is the type of move I expected" and "This is a loser"? Topics included

- The difference in probabilities between being "right" and being "right now".
- Why it's easier to tell if a position you are in will work out Vs whether you should get into a position.
- The 'base' from which your position is building - positions/news/technicals.
- Absorption vs Fades as an entry signal - and differing post entry confirmation.
- The ability to rate trade entries for the same setup - is it possible that sometimes "you just know"?

The idea is to consider having more than a "stop loss" that's telling you a trade isn't working - and to have more than "it's moving my way" to tell you it IS working. The recording from this session is below.

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