Jakobs Ladder

I first met Jakob a few months ago, he Skyped me and we had a chat about trading.  He'd been struggling with trying to get something out of technical analysis before he came across Jigsaw Trading and No BS DayTrading.

We chatted  for about 45 minutes. I gave him some pointers about using the volume profile in his trading to define areas where he could scalp out small trades. After that conversation, he sent me updates every few days showing his progress.  Jakob takes trading seriously. He worked hard at it, refining his skills and not looking for some magic system each time he had a bad trade. He didn't have many more questions, he just worked hard and his progress was rapid, reflecting the effort he put in.

This video was recorded by Jakob just  14 weeks after he heard about Order Flow.

It is a SIM trade and in my opinion, I think he's ready to go live at least with 1 lots. His analysis is sound and he had good reason to get into the trade. You can see the market accelerated as 'dumb money' bailed out. This just 14 weeks after hearing about Order Flow. How many people spend 5 years trying to make money trading and are still no closer? Quite a lot.

Funny thing is - Jakob keeps thanking me for helping him but we  spent less than an hour chatting and he's put in all the work. It's been great to watch him progress and I hope he can give himself a pat on the back because he''s the one who is responsible for his progress.

Well done Jakob. I'm looking forward to the day your trading pays for a trip to buy me a beer!


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