Learn To Daytrade For Less With Our New Institutional Pricing

We are happy to announce that we are making the Institutional package more affordable starting today. As you may know, this package includes THE best price ladder education available anywhere, from our partner - London Proprietary Trading Firm "Axia Futures".

The Institutional package has been reduced from $2,299 to $1,979.

While we'd like to take most of the credit for this, the fact that the UK Currency has dropped so much recently has helped us pass on this saving to you.

The Institutional Package includes the daytradr software, the world-leading Price Ladder course PLUS 6 hours of live trading videos - where you can watch a professional trader use real money to make $100,000 in a single day! You can find out more details about this amazing package if you click here

Not only are we reducing the price, but the education was previously available for 3 months and we've agreed with Axia to extend this to 12 months. You can even extend it beyond that FREE OF CHARGE By dropping us an email at expiry. 

If you already have the Jigsaw software but not the course - we have savings for you too. 

In addition, the price to upgrade and add the Institutional Course to your existing Independent or Professional package has gone from $1,547 to $1,347.

The price to add the advanced AND Institutional Course to your Independent package has gone from $1,847 to $1,647. 

The way we see it, the less you know, the more you need. So the institutional package, although it's the highest tier, it is not just for advanced traders. For new traders, it really helps to reduce the learning curve and keeps you away from techniques that don't work in the real world.

This is the real deal!

We'd like to thank Axia for their continued support and amazing education packages that have helped so many traders understand how proprietary trading works and incorporate it into their trading.

These prices will remain as long as the British Pound stays at historically low levels, we'll adjust the prices with the currency so that non-UK customers get the most value for the least cost. 

You can find out more details about this amazing package if you click here. Existing customers can upgrade via the Jigsaw Hub, going to the My Account Page, then clicking "Add/Renew Products".

While this offer is not time-sensitive, it is currency sensitive. If the British Pound recovers, we will have to increase the prices again. So be sure to take advantage while you can. 

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