Jigsaw Advisory Panel/Inner Circle - Kick Off

With the launch of the latest version of daytradr with Discord Integration - we are ready to kick-off activities for the Jigsaw Advisory Panel. From this point on, we'll refer to is as he "Inner Circle" - because it's a much cooler name.

We have about 50 people signed up - but will be looking to take that to 100 - as we don't expect participation in every activity we do.

If you want to join - this is the second invite to come on board, the first intake has been traders that have been with us a while - but this time, I'd like to get some fresh faces too. Partly this is because our new Head of Marketing - "Jay" - is giving us feedback as a "fresh pair of eyes". His perspectives have been very interesting and we'd like to throw that perspective into the mix.

Contact us if you want to get on board by either reaching out to me or support. 

Once signed up - you will see the inner circle on Discord. We needed Discord for this as it's almost impossible to run a program like this with meetings. They need people there at specific times. Discord allows us to have discussions over time. 

Now, remember - this is a first for us - we might get it wrong, we might ask too much, we might make mistakes. So here's what I propose. Let's not worry about it at all or let it influence us. On your side - just tell us if something doesn't sit right and we'll make adjustments. So let's all put on our 'big boy pants' and allow ourselves all to make mistakes as we go forwards.

We have 3 projects lined up that we'd like to work with you on. You can pick and choose which to be involved in and how you want to contribute. None are mandatory. Pick those where you feel you can bring value, where you have the time and....

OF COURSE - where you might benefit personally. Why not? 

The  tasks are:

  • A review of the new Independent Educational Material. While the markets aren't radically different, the course is quite old. We decided to get an very talented educator to prepare the new course. He knows trading, so he has the domain knowledge to understand the existing content but more importantly - he is an expert in getting knowledge into other people's heads. While the comments on our content are overwhelmingly positive - what's important is that you retain the knowledge.
  • A review of our next project for release. This will be a pre-release and there will be a simple NDA to sign. It is order execution functionality. Something cool. We want to get your feedback and make adjustments before it goes out to all users.
  • The product roadmap. Now - there's some things we just can't tell you - because some people love to gossip and share stuff others don't know. We will allocate a portion of resource to customer-driven requirements. Our focus will be on functionality for ease-of-use and functionality that improves edge. We do need to complete the charting and we need to agree what "complete" looks like. It is not going to be a million charts with 5000 settings each that won't really make any difference but that you got used to. But - we can't claim to know where to draw the line - so we gather opinions.

The Education review can start first. We are 3-4 weeks away from the new execution functionality and in that 3-4 weeks, we have to start internal discussions of which items on the roadmap to do first.

So - this is the last call to join because we will not have people join in the middle of projects, there will be periodic invites in quiet times, where we aren't in the middle of something.



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