July 2018 - Trader Group Therapy - Getting through this 'strange' summer.... 26th July, 12pm EST

It's summer time again and time for another group therapy session. The market is pretty much forcing the topic this month - the odd 'stop-start' nature of this summers trading conditions. Click Here to register for the event.

Now - you would be forgiven for thinking that the days of "summertime slowdowns" in the market were a thing of the past if you'd traded the 2017 summer. It was pretty lively, perhaps algorithms had made the slowdown a thing of the past. Well, this summer he have seen some harsh trading conditions. Not nearly as bad as the 3.5 point day on the S&P we had (2016 I think it was) - but still, we've seen some days where volatility was painfully low. The odd thing this summer - these slow days have been followed by 'little blinders'.... absolutely great days.

So it's not as if you can just switch strategy till the US Labor day (which marks the end of the summer slow down). You are going to have to be a lot more reactive.  In this weeks Group Therapy, we still want your questions on any topic to come in advance. You can still ask a question on any topic - but we'll focus for the first part of the session on how both beginner and veteran trades should handle the shifting markets.

Click here to register for the event and don't forget to send us questions ahead of time!


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