Front Running a Larger Order by Axia Futures

In this video, Richard from Axia Futures walks us through the process of Front Running a large order on Crude Oil Futures.

In the first part of the video, we get an explanation of the trade setup. Then we go onto walking through an example trade - from when the large order appears to when it disappears and the trade is over.

This sort of trade is never going to be the only trade in your playbook - you might go days without seeing it. It is something that you will see happen over & over again, throughout your trading career.

With any observable opportunity that you will see anyway during your trading sessions, step 1 is to observe as it happens, gain confidence in spotting it and then later on look to introduce it as one of your plays. Don't just jump in with 2 feet the next time you see it, though. Observe, practice, understand and then execute!

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