ES Live Trade Video 16th March - stop, head fake, re-entry and trade management

This video is from Jason on the Blue Collar Trader YouTube channel.

This is an interesting video as you can see the order flow go against Jason and stop him out but he figures (rightly) that it's just a head fake down.

I agree when he says a lot of people would short the step in the profile after the head fake down.  He didn't do that - you can see the head fake (breakout that doesn't follow thru) down didn't get very far or have much volume associated with it. Jason has a good explanation of why he thought it was a headfake.

Jason then walks through adding some more to the position ad sell as his overall trade management.

This really is an excellent video and worth watching a few times as there is a lot of useful information there.

As usual set to Full HD, Full screen mode for best results.


Thanks Jason!

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