Prizes for performance - Jigsaw December Leaderboard Winners!

Once again, it's time to review the winners of the monthly Jigsaw leaderboard contest. This time for December 2017. So who wins the $500 cash prize?

December is an interesting month, it's a holiday month and because of that we see some of the higher profit traders getting a lower consistency rating. That's because they actually took a holiday & the consistency algorithm that rates traders takes into account the number of days traded and the number of days in profit. Here's a look at those with the top consistency scores.


Fantastic results from both VaidasJ and BK. 65 and 66 are extremely high ratings for any month, let alone December. Vaidas won as he had more days in profit. Other than that - it was extremely close.  With the results so close, Vaidas gets the top prize of $500 but we'll also give a $250 consolation prize to BK for coming in so close.

Being consistent should equal a nice smooth equity curve with few drawdowns and we can see that is indeed the case.

So what did Vaidas trade? Well - it was about 75% trades on the DAX and the rest on the ES. Average holding times on his trades for the month was 3 minutes, 52 seconds on the winners and just 31 seconds on the losers. So here's a short term trader that is benefitting from getting out quickly when it's not going his way. Many accomplished traders will tell you that's half the battle. It's great to see a trader pulling in good profits trading a low-risk short-term technique.

Honorable mention goes to users "HighPockets" with a $24,366.54 profit for the month and "Banin17" for pulling in $13,660,92. Both very consistent but rated down because they took more time off in December. They are certainly candidates to look out for in future months.

Just a handful of Jigsaw users are signed up for the leaderboard. If you want a chance to win the monthly $500 cash prize, then follow the instructions here to have your Jigsaw daytradr™  trades posted to the leaderboard for a chance to win.

So well done to Vaidas and BK.

Good luck all for next month!

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