daytradr R26 - Momentum Tails, LTQ Column, Tradovate Pause & New Chat

We are happy to announce the release of Jigsaw daytradr R26 with a number of cool, new features. Note that this is our last release before IB Beta and the long-awaited daytradr Charts & Widgets. In this release we have:

  • NEW: LTQ On New Column
  • NEW: Momentum Tails (a VERY cool momentum reading aid)
  • NEW: Added 'Pause' Option to Tradovate Replay
  • NEW: All New Jigsaw Chat with Chat Icon that now auto logs into new Rocket Chat app
  • FIX: NT8 Bridge Volume Profile not bringing back correct range of data for Eurex (IQFeed)
  • FIX: Log File size reduced (was creating >1gb log file in some cases)
  • FIX: Recon Tape for GAIN connection always highlighting trades
  • FIX: Delays in Orders appearing on D&S for Brazillian Futures on MT5 Bridge

To avoid lengthy descriptions, we made some short videos to highlight the new features:

Momentum Tails Video

LTQ Column Video

All New Jigsaw Chat

As ususal, the software is available for download from the Jigsaw members page.

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