daytradr, Jigsaw 2022 Product & Group Therapy Plans

Today I am writing to you from a little detox resort in Samui where fat people go to be reborn into skinnies again. Like many, I experienced a little 'depression' of sorts during covid and ate the entire contents of the refrigerator every day.  I gained 23 kg and the wife said that this was "a bit too much Pete", so she sent me here where I am on day 31 of a 37-day juice fast and about 13 kg lighter.

Much of the weight seems to have been lost from between my ears - and so I have not been replying to emails much or booking meetings. Normal service will resume after 11th April. 

Till then - you haven't been forgotten if you think you have!

Today, we are releasing daytradr 3.2.20. It's a maintenance patch and the list of issues resolved are below. This is a mandatory release as we've changed the way we distribute the charting licenses (the ones we pay for, not the ones you pay for). You won't notice a difference, but charts will stop working on older versions on April 1st. 

We've been quiet in the past 12 months as we've been ramping up our development capabilities considerably. That included a brand-new development office. We still have staff in Thailand, India, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil, so not all developers are in the new office - but we needed a core group of smart people in one place and all new developers we hire will be there too

The process of getting them productive took a lot of time, but now we are ready to execute our 2022 plan. In short, this plan is:

  • Do less work. In other words - don't bite off more than we can chew in terms of functionality and partner relationships. So, we do less but better and end up doing more.
  • Use part of the development team to push out "minor" enhancements at the rate of 1 release per month. By "minor" - we mean minor to us, not minor to you - because some things we do will have a major impact on you but not be a lot of hours for us.
  • Another part of the team is on longer-term projects. Stuff that won't see the light of day for at least 6 months. Some that you might not even be aware exists but is there to build architecture for the REALLY good stuff. 
  • We have some unreleased items from last year that need a 3rd party component - and due to us being late, they ended up not being able to start their part - but that begins soon.
  • We are also looking to complete charting - and we do use 3rd party libraries, and they have some very cool features we can give you with zero work to us. The other timeframes will come as well as significant performance boosts. This will help another "tranche" of users on other platforms to consolidate to 1 and reduce overall fees.

To expedite the monthly releases - the whole company gets a bonus the first time we commence working on AND release some features within the same calendar month. Well - the whole company except me. Apparently - I can only give bonuses. I expect this to happen in April or May - once it does, then expect new functionality each month.

In terms of team changes elsewhere - you may have noticed a video recently from Fernando on the Momentum Tails (here it is). It's a good video - you can hear he's a bit "robotic" in it - but he does actually have more than one tone to his voice.  The content is good, and he'll relax more and bring a more natural, conversational tone as he does more. So, kudos to Fernando!

Then Gonzalo has been given the responsibility for what I call "Product Marketing" - or deciding what we do next. It's him leading a team effort, and I always add my 2c - but he's doing all the legwork, writing requirements, etc. HE also runs the support - so he knows the gripes and requests. So, the "idea factory" is back online.

With Gonzalo and Fernando and the new Dev team in place, we are no longer putting systems in place. The Group Therapies will start again, and the first will be on figuring out how you find your market. We are all so different - yet 99.99% of Futures Traders want to trade the S&P500. 99.99% of you will still think you are in the percentile that should trade S&P500 - but it'll be food for thought. Then it'll be back to individual trader group therapies. 

If you are not in the inner circle yet, and you want your say in what goes in the next monthly releases - go to and put a support request in with the title "Inner Circle" - and we'll let you in. Gonzalo is in there and will pop up as we are discussing the nuances of new features. Often we can't decide if a feature should work one way or the other, and that's where your input comes in handy.

For the release, here are the items fixed:

As usual, the download is available here


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