The Path to Becoming a Professional Trader by Chris Gray

Today we are happy to be posting the recording from yesterday's event with Chris Gray. It was refreshing to hear about the "intangibles" a trader faces in his journey, such as how to validate a trading concept, how he levels himself out before trading, and a host of other things most traders don't consider, yet as important as any setup. 

If you give a man a setup - he'll screw it up. If you give him a framework for developing as a trader, he'll get the setup working, but it'll take time.

Of course, Chris did touch on setups like the fade of the initial FOMC move, which is a pattern just like any other long or short-term pattern we trade.


While Chris trades differently from us at Jigsaw, you will notice a lot of overlap in the messaging, he talks about the herd mentality as buffalo, and we've previously referred to them as sheep - so again it's an interesting video from that perspective for those who have been around Jigsaw a while.

But first...

Before we look at the video, we'd like to bring your attention to something that is FINALLY happening in the online prop firm space. E2T is no longer constraining people to whatever size they started with. Just like a brick-and-mortar prop firm, they are letting people trade more size as they improve. This is well overdue in that industry, and Kudos to Earn2Trade for being first. 

The Trader Career Program is an evaluation that works much like Earn2Trade's other evaluation called the Gauntlet Mini. Except that it will allow traders, once funded, to increase their trading capital progressively, withdraw their profits without being penalized, and have access to bigger account sizes to trade with.

The program starts with a 25K account. Once the trader passes the exam, they get funded with a 25K account. Once they meet the profit target in the funded trading account, they withdraw their profits and move up into a 50K funded trading account with a fresh trailing drawdown. The final goal is a 200K account with a FIXED DRAWDOWN of $6,000.00!

In other words, it's the only funded account evaluation that allows traders to scale the size of their funded account once they get funded.

Note also - Earn2Trade is offering an amazing 50% off the first month of their already low-priced Trader Career Path, to get access to that discount - click here and use coupon code "Jigsaw50" for a 50% discount. This will be available for the next 2 weeks only. And takes the price down to just $75!

Enjoy the video!



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