Coffee With Chris: His Path to Becoming a Pro Trader 21st  Sept, Noon.

We are happy to announce that on the 21st of September at noon EST, we'll be hosting Christopher Gray, who will be taking us through his path to becoming a professional trader. This is one of those webinars where everyone should get at least a gem or two of intel to help in their trading. Some of you will be close to Chris's journey and others further away. Click here to register for this free event.

Chris Who?

Chris currently works as a lead educator at Earn2Trade, a Jigsaw partner and 'power user' of Journalytix. He's been an active trader for approximately 15 years, and he'll be taking us through his journey. 

We'll look at how long he has been a trader, his certifications with the NFA/FINRA, and where he is and what he does today.

With that out of the way, he will dive into the psychological barriers he faced for years that needed to be conquered before he had any realistic shot at closing consistently satisfied in the long term.
Then we'll discuss the approaches he took to overcome his psychological demons in a way that you should find inspirational and of extreme value. 

Also - please note that Chris's approach to trading doesn't mirror my own, so for that reason, it's also worth a listen. To get some new perspective on trading that you won't necessarily get from Jigsaw.

Click here to register for this free event. Recordings will be sent to those that register. Please note that only 500 spaces are available.

TCP - What is it's significance in the Trader Funding Industry?

The Trader Career Program is an evaluation that works much like Earn2Trade's other evaluation called the Gauntlet Mini. Except that it will allow traders, once funded, to increase their trading capital progressively, withdraw their profits without being penalized, and have access to bigger account sizes to trade with.

The program starts with a 25K account. Once the trader passes the exam, they get funded with a 25K account. Once they meet the profit target in the funded trading account, they withdraw their profits and move up into a 50K funded trading account with a fresh trailing drawdown. The final goal is a 200K account with a FIXED DRAWDOWN of $6,000.00!

In other words, it's the only funded account evaluation that allows traders to scale the size of their funded account once they get funded.

Note also - Earn2Trade are offering an amazing 50% off the first month of their already low-priced Trader Career Path,  to get access to that discount - click here and use coupon code "Jigsaw50" for a 50% discount. 

We're giving away the 3 most powerful modules for free.

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