daytradr Charting Beta Ending. $1000 Survey Prize

We are happy to announce what we hope is the final or penultimate beta release for charting. Since the last release, we have focused on fixing reported beta issues and releasing interim versions to those that have specific issues. We also re-factored a number of areas of code - both our own and 3rd party code, to maximize performance. 

Our goal is to not exceed 1% CPU per chart on a consistent basis but to allow higher CPU usage when needed. For example, we should use more CPU to instantiate a new chart, bring in historical data than to just render new data on a chart. We will also allow a little more CPU usage when the market activity peaks (we call that "Market Madness Mode") - but there is a ceiling on how much CPU we will use regardless of the amount of data coming in. In all cases, there should be no visible lag. So if you do see a visible lag, that is a bug. 

In this release, along with the beta fixes, we also have the following:

  • New CQG API implemented. CQG requested this late last year and the new API is live there. Functionality remains unchanged.
  • IB API Improvements (mostly order id tracking)
  • Tradovate API Improvements.

As usual, log on to the members page to download the installer. Note that we will add charting to the product manual in the final release. Note also that the short "trading beta" is now closed and contributors will soon get the promised licenses.

Tell us what do next & get a chance to win a $1000 Prize

We have some idea of what to do next, both for charting and other changes. We have the team available for fixing any remaining issues and we have 2-4 weeks to refine what we are doing next. To let us know what you think we should do next (and win some money), please click here to complete our  15 question survey. This is for customers and non-customers.

We will let this survey run until the end of April and then do the prize draw - then we'll let you know what we'll be working on next with our expanded team (more on that later).

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