Sharks vs Sharks: Banks, funds, market makers, prop trading

Interested in prop trading and other institutional trading? On Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 at 4:30pm EDT. John Grady of NO BS DayTrading will be presenting a webinar entitled "Sharks vs Sharks - Facts & Myths w/John Grady " to the community. Click Here to join the event.


John will be discussing some of the facts and myths about institutional trading. Banks, funds, market makers and prop trading firms. He'll explain why having a comprehensive understanding of this is necessary in order to develop a solid trading methodology. He will also be showing a few sample trades which demonstrate how this knowledge is applied in real time.


  • Learn the Facts and Myths about banks, funds, market makers, and prop trading firms.
  • What are the differences between them?
  • What roles do they play in intraday movement?
  • Misconceptions of the average retail trader.
  • HFT and its effects on the markets.
  • Technical Analysis: Friend or Foe?


You don't have to trade like an institution and in fact, many retail traders don't want to. Knowing how they trade is still important. The more you know about who is on the other side of your trade, the better informed you are about what's really causing moves in the market. After all - it's moves in the market you are trying to exploit as a trader. Different participants react to different things and they 'piggy back' different market activity. HFTs and discretionary prop trading firms don't do the same thing and they have a different influence on the market.
John is a great presenter, as such this even should not be missed. I'll be tuning in, there's always something to learn from these webinars from people like John that have worked in professional trading environments (John was working in prop trading but now trades his own account). These webinars are usually recorded but you'll need to refer to the forum for the recording if you do not join the live event.


Click Here to join the event.

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