A Lovely Trap

Here's a video of traders getting themselves trapped from the mysterious Akira Kobayashi...


The guy is working the buyers, feeding them all the way up (asks are pulled, and he hits the bids when they are going the next price. Every time the bid is taken away, it does not refresh, and the price falls. So, not lots of buying here. Then, the ask is pulled again). This folk sell everything he wants on .53, then pulls all the bids in bobl and smashes them 4 dicks down. Apparently, there are some people still not puking, so, the guy gives a coup de grace for the last 3 ticks. Lovely job.

I got really suspicious when I saw someone slowly selling into .52, but very carefully, never taking all the bids at time, in order to not let the price fall the next level, with probably fake bids. Then, seeing the ask pulling in bobl, and lots of selling in the .53, I saw the setup, but really hesitated to trade with. Shame


Check out his youtube channel here

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