7 Live Trade Videos, $50k, $70, $80k Profits Recorded Live

Last week we sent out an email about some amazing live trade videos being put together by our prop firm partner, AXIA Futures. There's just 2 ways you can get hold of these extremely valuable videos.

  • Sign up for the Jigsaw Institutional package - in the next 72 hours (or when we've sold 10).
  • If you own the course already - send in a testimonial video about the course (landscape mode please)

If you purchased already this month you WILL get the videos automatically.

When the CEO of Axia Futures, Alex Haywood called me to talk about the video collection, we had no idea the markets would be so volatile. What you will see here is unique, it's never been done before and is an amazing insight into the world of professional trading. There's a lot of lessons here, so take your time reviewing them.

All trades are 100% live, real money trades. AXIA use the Journalytix system which automatically uploads their trades and recognizes the account type.

To get these videos, either sign up or upgrade to the institutional package at Jigsaw. We will put a message on the signup page when all 10 spots are taken. If you see no message, then there's spaces left.

Here's a full breakdown of the videos.

Video 1 - 2 : Trading Italian Politics using the BUND/BTP correlations (LIVE EXECUTION)

Following from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHGvZVfuffg are two further videos showing the execution of an Order Flow trader, trading correlated systemic events on the DOM. These two execution videos show the execution of an event driven by geopolitical concerns. They are a valuable lesson in trading cross market correlation flows, seeing the changing nature of the velocity of the orders entering the market. These videos show how an trader executes trades in a core market that is driven by a correlated markets sensitivity to Political risk.

Video 3: Optimising your Technical Momentum Plays using the DOM (LIVE EXECUTION)

Trading order flow on a technical break provides advantages in terms of adding confidence to trade more contracts. Watching the nature and personality type of the orders auctioning on the price ladder helps a trader determine the success or failure of a technical break. In this video we see the trader increase his size and rapidly changes his positioning in the market depending on the changing nature of order in the break of some key zones

Video 4: Approach to trading USA Midterm Elections on the Price Ladder/DOM (LIVE EXECUTION)

This is a really special video where for a new order flow trader who has little experience in trading Election Event flows is exposed to learning and understanding cross market risk-on and risk-off flows over a fundamental event.. We watch an experienced trader with positions on multiple markets on the DOM when the shifting odds of the USA midterm elections changes regarding the Democrats clinching the majority of house seats. As these odds change the trader uses the DOM to execute his trades based on how the market digests this information. We watch how at one point he is almost $50,000,00 negative pnl but then rapidly increases his size when the live election forecasts for the Democrats reduce from 50% to 35%. This then puts his pnl back up on the day. This video really has multiple learning points for all those wishing to learn from an Elite London City Trader. trading over USA political events.

We proud to say this trader performance analytics was captured on Journalytix as its is preferred performance tool for analysing all his trades. You can see the performance stats for the day if you click here

Video 5: Trading the Brexit comments (Day1) after being negative pnl the entire day (LIVE EXECUTION)

One of the most important daily money management techniques every trader should possess is the ability to stay alive all day and make sure one is never stopped out before the market is closed. In this Live Execution video on the price ladder course we watch how a trader was down around $10,000.00 after really struggling to find any conviction trades on the day. However he made sure that he was well inside his daily stop so he could take advantage of any opportunity that would present itself at the end of the day. This is what happened around 4pm UK time when Brexit comments hit the newswire and the trader was able to leverage a position and change his performance on the day in a mere moment. Click here for the performance charts of the trader via the Journalytix performance platform.

Video 6: Trading Brexit comments (Day 2) and understanding the news landscape (LIVE EXECUTION)

Once again, the market was highly sensitive to Brexit news hitting the global newswires. Click here to see the stats where the trader netted over $80 000,00 on understanding the importance of the markets sensitivity to Brexit Related comments. The entire world was waiting upon UK Prime Minister Theresa May speech at 10 Downing street after a 5 hour cabinet meeting to see if she would gain her cabinet approval on the draft Brexit Agreement between the EU and UK. The main lesson in these trades was how to decipher the news hitting the various newswires. As the day evolved there were multiple comments hitting the markets many from the twitter world where as a trader you would need to quickly workout how credible the source of the information and using the reaction of the Price Ladder to determine how much risk capital to expose to the markets and which markets to hit.

Video 7: Trading Brexit comments (Day 3) whilst Theresa May ministers start resigning from her government (LIVE EXECUTION)

On the third day in a row Brexit comments have been moving global markets and on the third day in a row, the Trader was able to take advantage of the opportunity these comments provided in moving the markets where he netted around $70,000.00 on the trade. The driver was when senior Brexit minister Dominic Raab handed in his resignation.  The European Bund German Futures was trading near a double daily high so you had here a technical confluence with market moving fundamentals.

This is an amazing video series. Sign up for the Jigsaw Institutional course today and get these extra lessons from elite professional traders.

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