Open Trade on the S&P500 Futures

A customer asked a couple of days ago if we had any sample videos of the pullback trades we discuss in our webinars. I was pretty sure there were some on the site but when I looked, the cupboard was bare!

That basically means we've been a little remiss in posting up trade videos but that will change and today is the first one we are putting out. This is not a pullback trade as that opportunity wasn't there but it is one of our "Trading the Open" trades.

We could have played this trade from the top or the bottom of the extremes of overnight volume but we played the top. We did get an initial move and a first target but that was all. What is key in this video is the "hold" that occurred prior to taking the trade and the way the momentum faded when in the trade. Momentum faded, the meters were flat and in addition the DOW and Nasdaq were starting to move against us. So from a trade management perspective there was a lot going on.


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You can see the full video on this trading technique here and a video on trade management here


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