daytradr & 2022 Plans

We are happy to announce the release of Jigaw daytradr 

This release is mandatory for Tradovate users. It includes "OAuth" support for Tradovate, which provides an additional layer of security on top of the regular username/password. It is effectively a browser-based logon but don't worry - we got you - we pop up the necessary browser windows within daytradr when you connect or auto-connect, so the process is relatively painless.

The manual has been updated and a video is now there to show the logon process. Click here to take a look.

Other items in this release: 

  • Improved Error Messages for Licensing Issues (so you know what to do to rectify the issue yourself)
  • Fix: Cannot move columns on D&S
  • Fixed: Rithmic Disconnect Issue
  • Fixed: Charts getting confused about which feed to use in some cases
  • Fixed: Copied workspaces (from another PC), sometimes not opening charts
  • Fixed: Duplicate drawing objects
  • Fixed: MT5 Integration Issues

We had planned a larger release with more items in January but we needed OAuth out before Jan 1st, so you'll likely see another release from us in Jan, which brings us neatly to you wondering what our 2022 plans are.

In 2021, we focused on building the team and we now have a new development office with 5 staff - this is in addition to the staff we already have. 3 of those have been with us almost a year and another 2 joined this month. We expect at this point to have ironed out all the wrinkles and to have those 2 staff productive within a month. As this was an addition to our existing "multi-location" dev team, we now have the capacity to have separate resources for fixing bugs, minor enhancements (yes - those on Discord) and still have another team working on our longer-term projects.

In 2022, the plan is to proceed as follows:

  • Release new educational products. Two will be replacements for our existing (and a bit dated), courses. The third is a course for shorter-term traders which will be a combination of education and new features that help you with the execution side, so you don't have to worry about your reflexes being fast enough. Some of these features will also help those that purchased the discontinued Market Maker Manual - as well as people using related techniques taught elsewhere.
  • Rolling minor enhancements - this is for charting and D&S - so we should be doing a release a month with minor features coming from that team.
  • Uplift the charting - not to the point where we are 1000 options per chart - but to the point where those with standard charting issues don't need a 3rd party charting app.
Two longer-term projects are scheduled for Q3, that will create a very unique and new way for people to customize the application. I can't say more than that - but we will soon be looking for people to join that project as it moves forward. We will focus on 3 groups:
  • Those with coding skills that want to build extensions (for themselves or to share).
  • Those with zero coding skills that want to utilize low-cost 3rd party resources to develop extensions - without getting their fingers burnt!
  • Those that have businesses selling platform extensions.

The goal is to make extending the app accessible to both those with and without tech skills. That means keeping it simple enough for non-techs and rich enough in functionality for the uber-nerds.

The long-term goal is to give you a cheap and accessible way to add features yourself instead of relying on us to do it. 

We'll keep you posted as we go. 


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