20/20 Market Vision - Staying on the right side of the market

On 1st April, 2016 we be presented a webinar entitled "20/20 Market Vision - Staying on the right side of the market". The webinar was hosted on the TopstepTrader Squawk Radio Show.

In this webinar, we took a look at how to stay on the right side of the market using the Jigsaw Order Flow Analysis Tools, including the new Auction Vista Order Flow Heatmap.  We considered using the tools to compliment an existing trading style and stand alone to identify trade locations and manage positions.  We looked at the features of the tools in the context of different styles of day trading and consider the following:

  • Algorithmic & Predatory trading  - The myths vs the realities
  • Market Making techniques (scalping)
  • Spoofing and iceberging
  • Hidden backstops created during the trading day, that can be used as entry points/stop out locations
  • Thin (illiquid) vs Thick (liquid) markets (e.g. Crude vs eMini S&P500)
  • The significance of Depth vs Trade Execution information - Putting them into perspective.

This is the first major webinar we have done to discuss how the Auction Vista information should be interpreted. The video is below

As usual click Full  Screen, Full HD for best results.

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