11th March, 2013 Short ES Trade

I did promise various people I'd start posting trade videos once I wasn't so busy with the V4.0 release.

This won't be daily but I will try to do one a week. Today's was a short on the ES with a fairly obvious entry on the Depth & Sales. It didn't end up moving as far as I wanted but the overnight range had been small and the moves on the Eurex markets had been small too. You can see from the volume profile, most of the trading was between 1541.75 and 1544 overnight and that was what we had to play with.

My hope for the trade was to get through that level but we got down there and there was no interest in taking it down further.

I have not edited out the dead spots. The interesting bits are at:

00:00 - Trade Entry (narrated)
03:15 - Target 1 gets hit (silent)
07:40 - Bidders step up in our way. (narrated)
11:44 - Target 2 gets hit. (narrated)
15:51 - Bidders step up again against us. (narrated)
20:02 - Working an exit at break even - not a stop loss order though (narrated)

For best viewing - select Full Screen & Full HD in the menu at the bottom of the video.



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