Who said price ladder was just for scalpers? $100,000 Live Trade Video

One of the most enduring myths about order flow trading is that it's just for short term traders - "The price ladder - that's just for scalpers!" is what a lot of retail trader say. The video below will do a lot to dispel that myth!

As many of you know, the price ladder (AKA depth of market or DOM) is the main trading tool used by the majority of professional proprietary traders. Proprietary trading firms are mostly private companies backed by private equity. In other words, wealthy individuals have put their personal money behind the traders. So does it make sense that these traders are using tools that make them less profit than chart traders chatting on internet forums? Of course not!


We are going to be sending out 8 videos from a Price Ladder Trade that has made more then $2.5 million in 2018 so far!

We are excited to share with you 8 Elite Price ladder execution videos of a top London City Trader sent to your inbox over the next 3 months when you purchase or upgrade to the Jigsaw institutional Package.

These recorded videos of him trading live cover his execution strategies, trading methods and approach on the price ladder whilst trading some significant size across multiple markets. His pnl swings are anything between $10,000 - $100,000.00 Plus in any one trade. Although this is impressive what's most important is the lessons learnt from the approach of a top performing proprietary trader and how this can help you develop your understanding on the ladder whilst trading the financial futures market. This video series of a Top Trader alone is worth significantly more than the course and will be free for those who buy or upgrade to the Jigsaw Institutional Package within the next 7 days.

Future videos of this trader will only be available for people who have purchased the training course. And here's a sample video for you - over $100k in a few hours trading.

For those that already purchased the course - we'll let you know how to get the video shortly...

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