daytradr, Last Weekend for $1000 Cash Prize

Today we are releasing version of daytradr, we've gotten to the end of the issue list (from our perspective). We are of course ready for any more issues but we think we reached stability at this point. A big thanks to all who helped testing. And a bit of extra thanks to Christian V. for his efforts.

We are now arguing about who gets stuck with updating the manual working on the manual, as well as the list for the next phase of development, which is split between our ideas and your suggestions. Suggestions that have come to us during the charting beta and those from our current survey.

And you can still give us your suggestions and with a chance to win $1000 in cold hard Paypal Cash - just click here to complete our  15 question survey.

This is for customers and non-customers.

We will let this survey run until the end of this weekend!

Note - changes in this release are:

  • Remove Auto Start from the registry if not checked in installer
  • Remove HTML Chart cache on install (some glitches were caused by cache remaining)
  • FP Stats not populating on first load
  • D&S Center Line Cannot be switched off
  • TPO Letters
  • Charts Moving Right on their own
  • FP Bars 'bouncing'
  • Not able to place a new order on D&S without canceling old OCO
  • Charts opens with black screen
  • Workspace glitch - Charts keep coming back.
  • Colors can now be set for LTQ in Volume Profile

Have a great weekend!

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