Jigsaw daytradr

We are happy to announce the release of Jigsaw daytradr - with Discord Integration.

Partly this release is to make way for some other things (like synthetic order types) that are almost complete but need to be in a release of their own for nerd-related reasons, so we are pushing all the fixes and some exciting new items so that we can bring the synthetic orders into the release environment.

In this release, we are replacing the Jigsaw chat with Discord. You can read more on that in this blog post. It's better and more enjoyable to use - but it's also our internal method of communicating - so we are there ourselves all the time. So our participation will be high.

There are channels on there both for members and for specific education products like the Institutional and Market Making Manual - so you can talk to your fellow students. The Independent and Advanced (Professional) courses can be discussed anywhere. For those that recently requested to join the Jigsaw Advisory Panel - you should see the Jigsaw Inner Circle chat. We'll kick off activities there soon. 

There's a lot of changes for charts - most oriented around issues - but also, it's a lot better at telling you if/why it couldn't get the chart data. We added a reload button to the charts just in case. There should be no instances of charts not loading after this version, although we did suspect a "cefsharp" incompatibility at one point but haven't seen it for so long, we think it's gone. Get onto support ASAP if a chart doesn't load.

We have fixed a number of non-chart issues - many of the fixes are with those that reported the issue but even so - please take this installer. POT Gauges and licenses were bugging a lot of people and that's done now. Support for newer Micro markets was added and again is with those that requested them but they should also take this update. 

On the professional side - we upgraded the API to Stellar and with that comes the ability to load 365 days of history into Journalytix.

As usual - the new release can be found on the Jigsaw Members Site.

See you on Discord!

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