Interview with a Scalper - Journey to success.

At Jigsaw, we always like to bring you diverse information on trading and this post is all about scalping. Even if you aren't a scalper or don't plan to be, it's always interesting to hear the perspective of someone that's successful.

Like many of you, John was a retail trader trying to find his way in the world of trading. It's the usual story, a lot of excitement at the start, followed by a lot of disappointment and the realization that there's a lot of sharks in the industry. 

After 4 years he'd gotten nowhere until he took some education from Gary Norden, author of the Jigsaw Market Making Scalper Manual

Like many he was committed but as you'll see - he had the usual issues and beliefs that hold most traders back, I would think all retail traders will see themselves in his story.

In this video, Gary interviews John, discusses some of his history and then what it took to get him on track and become a profitable trader. Both in terms of work and time required. He wasn't immediately successful, which is common for a lot of traders. 

Why I think this video is so important, is that it's so easy to give up on something that's not working for you. It's a dilemma when you pay for trading - that question is always going to pop up in the back of your head "is it me, or is it the method?" - especially after that initial phase most traders go through buying junk.

Here's the video. For more on market making techniques click here

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